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ANTIGONE  2024 postcard (4.25 x 5.5 in) (2).png


story by Sophocles
adapted by DB Hovis

Thursday, May 2 at 7pm 
Friday, May 3 at 7pm
Saturday, May 4 at 3pm & 7pm

Torrance High School Auditorium

What are you willing to put your life on for? That is the question Antigone has to wrestle with in this surrealist retelling of the classical play by Sophocles.   In the midst of a bombed-out city still feeling the aftershocks of war, the rebellious and intense Antigone defies Kreon,her uncle who isthe new king desperate to gain back control over a city ravage by war, to bury her disgraced brother. Kreon takes action against her, risking the wrath of the gods.  This universal story grapples with the themes of war, family, love, and betrayal

Torrance High School

Annex Cafeteria

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