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Molly Denholtz Postcard Front (6).png
NOVEMBER 15-18, 2023

When somebody dies, what's the right thing to say? What are you supposed to do? How are you supposed to feel? Nobody really knows the answers to these questions, and they hang in the air of a high school when a student dies suddenly in a car accident. As the memorial service approaches and rumors fill the hallways, everyone navigates how to grieve a girl they knew in very different ways: a now-distant elementary school friend struggles to write a meaningful eulogy; two exes tentatively share memories at an unexpected meeting; an acquaintance searches for the way to process some more complicated memories; and a girl who just lost her best friend is badgered by a barista on the wrong day. Ian McWethy renders the unexpected conflict and connection to be found in grief with knowing humor and bracing honesty.

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